Traffic Laws Regarding Pedestrians

Traffic Laws Regarding PedestriansWalking can be a great way to get a little more exercise in your day or to travel short distances without the inconvenience that so often accompanies driving. However, pedestrians in Los Angeles can be facing significant risk as they go about their daily activities. Pedestrians account for nearly one out of every five traffic-related fatalities. Both drivers and pedestrians have responsibility when it comes to road safety. Driving responsibly can help reduce the risk for all road users, including pedestrians.

•    Crossings
If a pedestrian is in the crosswalk or crossing the road at a corner, he or she has the right of way. Drivers should stop. Drivers should also avoid stopping in crosswalks and driving on sidewalks.

•    Awareness
Drivers should be sensitive and aware to the needs of pedestrians. Older pedestrians, young children and pedestrians with special needs should be granted sufficient time to cross. Pedestrians with white canes are visually impaired and may need the drivers around them to take extra precautions.

•    Intersections
Left turns can put pedestrians at an increased risk. Give the right of way to approaching vehicles, and watch for pedestrians. When turning right, watch for approaching cyclists and pedestrians.

•    Road signs
Following all road signs can help reduce the risk for all road users. Slow down at intersections marked “yield,” and stop at intersections marked “stop.” Look for pedestrians at each intersection, and yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to significant injury, emotional trauma, disability and death. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, contact our pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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