Right of Way for Pedestrians

Right of Way for PedestriansPedestrians are at a dramatically increased risk of death from vehicle collisions. Although pedestrians are required to follow certain traffic laws, the bulk of the responsibility belongs on the drivers of the vehicles. The law requires motorists to take all reasonable precautions for the safety and well-being of others with whom they are sharing the roadway, including pedestrians.

•    Stops
Drivers should stop at marked crosswalks when a pedestrian is approaching or is in the crosswalk in the lane next to them and avoid stopping in crosswalks, which could force the pedestrian into oncoming traffic. Drivers must remain stopped until the pedestrian has safely crossed the road. Following all traffic signs and signals can reduce the risks to all road users.

•    Turns
Drivers who are turning on green are required to stop for pedestrians, and they should avoid turning into a crosswalk when pedestrians are in it. Drivers should also stop for pedestrians in intersections that are not marked with a crosswalk.

•    Crosswalks
Drivers should not drive through crosswalks when pedestrians are in them, and they should not stop in the middle of a crosswalk. Drivers should also avoid passing a vehicle that has stopped at a crosswalk.

Pedestrians account for nearly 20 percent of traffic fatalities in California. Pedestrians who survive collisions with motor vehicles are often left with devastating injuries, emotional trauma and disability. Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney fights for justice for those who have been affected by pedestrian accidents. Contact our law offices today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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