Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian Safety TipsWalking is a popular, low-impact exercise, but it can also be a risky one. Pedestrian collisions with vehicles often result in fatalities, serious injuries and disabilities. The next time you head out for an evening stroll or a morning workout, keep these safety tips in mind to keep yourself safer.

1. Look both ways.
You probably learned as a child to look both ways before crossing the road, but it continues to be necessary now that you are an adult. Look left, right and then left again before crossing.

2. Use crosswalks.
If you need to cross the road, use a designated crosswalk. If there are no crosswalks, cross at a marked intersection. However, be cautious at intersections. Drivers may fail to yield the right-of-way, turn or simply be distracted.

3. Be visible.
Wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight can make you more visible to passing motorists, especially if you are walking at dawn, dusk or night.

4. Walk safely.
Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the street facing oncoming traffic so that you can monitor the road ahead of you and take precautions as necessary.

5. Do not talk and walk.

Texting and walking is also not safe. Cell phones are extremely convenient ways to stay in touch, but they can also result in you taking unnecessary risks with your life. If you need to make a call, check the weather or text, stop and move out of the road before using your phone.

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