Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian AccidentsAn estimated six million motor vehicle accidents occur every year in the U.S., and more than 100,000 of these are pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians are in a particularly vulnerable position when facing a collision with a car or truck, and as many as half of these accidents result in death for the pedestrian involved. Those who survive such accidents are likely to suffer from serious injuries or lifelong disabilities. Statistics show that both the very young and the elderly are at an increased risk of suffering from pedestrian accidents, which are most commonly the result of a negligent, speeding, intoxicated, distracted or careless driver.


Pedestrian accidents can occur for a multitude of reasons, and in some cases, they may be related to the actions of the pedestrian. Children may dart into traffic, or older adults may cross against traffic signals. If the driver is unable to stop, an injury or fatality will almost certainly occur.


Although pedestrians may in some cases be considered partially responsible for pedestrian accidents, in the vast majority of cases, the accident is considered to be negligence on the part of the driver. Many drivers speed as a matter of course, and driving distracted is common thanks to cell phones and smart phones. Drivers often fail to yield at pedestrian crossings or stop signs, and some drivers are simply not paying attention. In some cases, drivers are intoxicated and have been drinking or using drugs before driving.


Broken bones, incapacitation, disability, head injuries, TMJ disorders, traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, post-traumatic stress disorder and death are all common in the wake of pedestrian accidents. If you have been hurt or suffered a loss due to a pedestrian accident, Farhad Hamdam, experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney can help you file a successful claim against the person responsible and recoup damages for your loss.

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