New Rules by DOT to Keep Pedestrians Safe

New Rules by DOT to Keep Pedestrians SafeThe U.S. Department of Transportation has just released a new set of tools that can help you reduce your risk of pedestrian accidents. It includes $2 million in grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to those cities with high numbers of accident-related pedestrian deaths as well as a new website that includes a variety of resources and information for citizens and city officials who are responsible for improving overall safety.

Pedestrian accidents can result in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and death. In 2011, more than 4,000 pedestrians were killed, a significant increase from the previous two years. Most of these deaths occurred at non-intersections in urban areas. Many involved alcohol and took place at night.


The toll can be high for the victim of the collision, their family and loved ones and the greater community. Costs are not just personal but also financial. Keeping pedestrians safe requires all of us to take extra precautions. Some tips for safer walking include:

•    Wear brightly colored or reflective clothing to maximize your visibility.
•    Monitor traffic, particularly at intersections and driveways.
•    Obey traffic signals.
•    Cross at marked crosswalks or intersections, and look both ways before crossing.
•    Use sidewalks whenever possible. If there are no sidewalks, walk as far from traffic as possible facing oncoming traffic.

If you or someone you love has been injured or suffered a loss as a result of a pedestrian accident, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation with our pedestrian accident lawyer in California.

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