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Pedestrian Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Farhad Hamdam, Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney, is dedicated to providing quality legal representative to personal injury victims. The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates has worked with many victims of personal injury throughout the years, and we have seen the devastation that these types of injuries often cause. Pedestrian accidents in particular can have lifelong consequences due to the extreme, debilitating injuries a moving vehicle can inflict on a vulnerable pedestrian. As a committed advocate for his clients, Mr. Hamdam has the skills, experience and resources upon which you can rely throughout your case as you seek a settlement or award.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to broken bones, extensive internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries or head injuries. Medical care can be extensive, and rehabilitation may be lengthy. The monetary costs associated can soar in the days, weeks and months following a pedestrian accident, and lost wages can make your financial burden even heavier. That is why Farhad Hamdam, Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer, works to protect his clients’ best interests and seek settlements that will provide for the treatments and programs they will need in order to move forward in their lives and recoup any losses due to the accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to remuneration for your medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident. We will thoroughly investigate your case with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists as we help you prepare your case. The insurance company may offer you a settlement after your pedestrian accident, but Mr. Hamdam, pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles, can ensure your rights are properly protected and that you receive all due compensation so that you can pay for your current medical expenses and cover lost wages and other costs.

Mr. Hamdam, pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles, can help those who have suffered personal injuries due to vehicle accidents, dog bites, premises liability, slip-and-fall accidents, burns, truck accidents and brain injuries. Our law firm can also help those who are dealing with bankruptcy, civil litigation, business law, immigration law, real estate law and criminal defense.

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